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A Chuck Wagon Old Fashioned Soda© Business Can Be Yours!

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We will teach you how to set-up and breakdown the wagon. Our goal is to make your business productive and profitable.

My name is Carl Bales and I would like to start off by proudly introducing myself as the new owner of Chuckwagon soda. After 25 years of intensive work, Terry Schaeffer, the founder of this inventive company has decided to retire and pass the torch onto me. I am extremely ecstatic to reinvigorate Chuckwagon and watch as it prospers to new heights. I have learned over the years that great customer service is a major aspect when trying to make a company thrive. Therefore I look forward to helping everyone that is a part of the Chuckwagon family.

I started this entrepreneurship by building a wagon with the former owner so that my daughter and I would have something to do over the summer. I felt so invigorated after our first festival and immediately fell in love with the whole process.

I have known and worked with the Schaeffer family for over 25 years and was extremely honoured when Terry gave me an offer to buy chuckwagon. I can only hope that we can assist in ensuring that it grows and flourishes as he would want it to. We look forward to communicating with all involved in Chuckwagon soda in the future years.

A special thank you to everyone because you have made this possible for us. We have a few new products which we will be revealing in the coming years.

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First, make sure you read more about the soda fountain you are interested in using the buttons above. Once you have narrowed it down, contact us to make a purchase. Our fountains are an investment in your future, to help reduce the initial startup cost we have financing available.

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